This site is intended to share research on a process for casting ceramic concrete into 3D printed (PLA) molds, which are then melted away. You might be wondering why one would want to try this process. Honestly, for many purposes, there are better, quicker, cheaper ways to make forms, so we do not see this process replacing most other methods. However, we feel that this process has the potential to open up possibilities for making ceramic forms that other methods cannot achieve.

  • Forms with complex undercuts or pass-through areas.
  • Forms that are different with every iteration.
  • Forms that need to precisely fit with other forms.

Open-source Development

By sharing what we have developed so far, we hope that others will take the process much further and share that information too, thereby making use of the power of the community to accelerate this process of exploration. We have created a Reddit community where we, and others, can answer questions and share information: https://www.reddit.com/r/CeramicConcrete/. Or you can email us with inquiries and to share information: ceramicconcrete@gmail.com.